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4 Doors

Discover the 6TH Sense intelligent Food Preservation

WCollection 4 Doors received two prestigious prizes for its outstanding design:

Intelligent Food Preservation

W Collection 4 Doors large capacity refrigerators offer optimized food preservation, enhanced space management and ultimate storage flexibility.
Discover Intelligent Food Preservation powered by the unique 6TH SENSE Technology.

The range is uniquely designed with a Slim fit of 69cm in order to sensitively integrate in a modern kitchen in harmony with the surrounding furniture.

W Collection 4 Doors is designed to be elegant and contemporary from every angle, without settling for anything but excellence. With 591 L capacity it’s an experience worth the space in your kitchen.

6th Sense FreshLock

The intuitive 6TH SENSE FreshLock will automatically detect temperature variations in order to restore the optimal environment to preserve fresh food for longer in the most natural way.

Fresh Lock

6th Sense FreezeLock

Within the freezer compartment, 6TH SENSE FreezeLock automatically sets the perfect parameters to minimize temperature fluctuations in the freezer. Thanks to this feature, freezer burns are reduced preserving quality and appearance of food.

Freeze Lock


Our needs are not the same, day in day out. The spacious FlexiFreeze compartment adapts to your needs, allowing you to select the correct temperature level for what you are storing.
• Soft Freeze - 7°C: Avoid defrosting process for frozen food you will eat within a week. You can place food directly from the freezer into the pan.
• Mild Freeze -12°C: Keep ice-cream and desserts ready to serve.
• Deep Freeze: -18°C: Preserve nutritional value of food for longer.

Flexi Freeze


Gives your eyes the time to adjust to the light comfortably, thanks to a lighting system that turns on gently as you open the doors.

Gradual Lightning


No more waiting for your food to be frozen: push the button to accelerate the freezing process and better preserve your favorite dishes.

Fast Freeze



Save energy: the smart sensors inside the cavity will track the temperature within the fridge and activate the defrost mode only when needed.

Zen Technology

Enjoy the most silent motor on the market.


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W Collection 4 Doors

Whirlpool freestanding upright freezer: white color - UW8 F2C WBI EX


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